Monday, September 26, 2011

Princess For A Day.

Did someone say iced cream?

So having a mini "crisis of the emotionally charged variety" I headed outside to tackle some ideas and dig some dirt.

I spent yesterday taking care of business.
There was the ear infection, and I had to eat my worry about that stuff, life's various worries so I bought a bagel.
I didn't want to share, I needed the strength of the whole bagel, so I had to buy a bagel for Burger also.
I find about an average of .75 a day by walking around, so it's basically a "Burger Bagel Fund".
I like walking for a cause, you know?
It is also like paying myself to clear my mind and feel less guilty about my constant, unending craving for bagels and peanut butter.
I walk it all off.
And I talk it out.

To this guy:

Above is a photo taken by me after an hour of me unloading my brain while marching my son through the park's various trails and fields.

What can I say?
Sometimes life is super heavy.

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