Friday, September 23, 2011

Unflattering Jay Cutler Photo.

We all have our days where we are not particularly photogenic.
So no judgement shall be passed on poor Jay.
Perhaps he will be able to learn from Aaron the proper way to take a sack?
The conversation will of course take place AFTER the Packers dominate, and Aaron will of course be speaking hypothetically.
Anyways, the key is to always remain classy, as demonstrated here:

You just grit your teeth and make sure your pass connected.

Of course it helps to learn a thing or two from the Iron Man himself.

But you can't fault the Bears for that.
This is not to say that lighting didn't strike twice in good ole Green Bay, because what're the odds? But being blessed with two amazingly gifted, hall of fame worthy quarter backs each with their own unique awesomness... consecutively...
All I know is that this didn't happen in Chicago...


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