Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Do The Creep.

I woke up this morning with a very familiar feeling of unease.
I felt like I needed to get ready to leave just like the old days.
Under the cover of darkness.
It's like that last Summer in Wisconsin.
I was so unprepared, or at least I felt unprepared.
This was before I comforted myself by telling my self no one is prepared, really, for anything.
At least, you can't be prepared for everything.
And I always felt like that was what growing up was all about.
That was what everyone else was doing and I was just falling behind very quickly.
Then I moved away from home, got a job, had a little boy... got fired... all the stuff that it seems like everyone else is or was doing.
Now here my are.
And there is no great "escape by bike".
We gotta wait a little while longer for something like that, we gotta wait for T to be a Big Fat Nurse.
By then everything will be all different again.

In the meantime I can see the dark clouds of Winter floating right behind T's eyes.
I tell you what, that shit is scary.

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