Friday, October 28, 2011

It's all the same hamburger.

I read this thing today where Bill Gates said that the first million you make is great, but after that it's all kind of the same hamburger. It was so awesome because I believe that is exactly true. It must be!!! And it is exactly the opposite of what all these bullshit entertainers and fat cats want us to think. Those guys just make it seem like its the fucking shit to be rich but give me a break!! I call BS!!!
Some rapper buys a million dollar jet, or some hedge funder goes dinosaur hunting, big deal!!
We all live and die and if we are lucky, we don't die bitter and alone and it's over quickly.

I am really loving the Occupy Movements around the country.
I know lot's of people say that there aren't clear enough goals or demands.
But I think the goal is very clear.
We are being lied to constantly, it robs us of peace, and we are sick of it.
And it clearly defines the difference between the haves and the have nots.
Even when lot's of the have nots have it way better than the have nothings.
Watching Oakland Police attack the Occupiers, in my mind, shows the divide pretty clearly.

Cops wouldn't have acted like that towards those sick fucks that protest gay funerals, or abortion clinics. They didn't act like this towards the Tea Party in it's infant stages.
Maybe it's because those guys openly carried firearms.
Makes you think.

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