Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shoveling the Roof.

Maybe I told you one time about when there was a big hole in the roof and water was leaking in through our ceiling. It was a big hullabaloo and in the end we paid some guys to come and patch it with a big jug of tar. At the time the main guy told T that it was a band aid, and that eventually the roof would need some major work. Well my friends, that time is at hand. Or at least, partially at hand. We got a bunch of wet snow yesterday and it was super heavy and wet and the next thing I know, there is a dripping sound. I can hear it. Dripping.
So loud was the dripping that I could hear it over Burger's bath, which is where Burger was currently screaming.
So I went up to apartment above us which is vacant and there I found water dripping in around the skylights!!
I know what you are thinking, the upstairs has skylights!? That sounds delightful.
It is delightful.
Not so much when there are leaks all around them though.
So last night, in the wind and rainy snow, I climbed up on to the roof to shovel the heavy wet snow down to the ground.
Every load I threw over the edge would fall for a second before splatting onto the ground below and with each splat I couldn't help but imagine what that must feel like to fall from a great height.
My only hope at the time besides limiting the damage of the leaks was that if I were to be blown off the roof, my obituary would at least begin with the line, "He had an insatiable lust for adventure."
The whole thing makes me kind of mad because if it isn't bad enough that the "ex landlord" is trying to get us out, now it seems like the house itself is turning against us.
So to sort it all out we went and got some Pancakes for Burger while T and I discussed the situations facing us.
It is cold outside, and maybe it is partly because of the early onset of this weather and my unpreparedness for it, but damn! I am not loving this weather, or the prospect of more of this weather at all. And this is a first.
T said that we have a warm house with a leaky roof.
And that's enough for now I suppose.
But I hate living with anxiety.
Fear of the unknown.

The Pancakes arrived along with some beers and in the background I could hear a football game being played. By the time everything was finished, life didn't feel sooo bleak.
Just cold.

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