Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Contemplate on the drip.

I woke up last night just as it began to rain.
I felt it in my hip before I heard it in my ear.
Certain sounds can cause you to just bolt up out of bed sometimes.
For a while after the initial water damage afflicted the roof, rain was one of those sounds.
More accurately it was the sound of drips, I would hear a drip and my eyes would snap open.
... and then I would listen very intently...
That passed though and I began to be able to ignore those sounds.
Then, when we had the big wet snow and there was more leaking from the roof, my alertness to drips and my worry of more leaks came back.

So last night when my hip throbbed and I awoke to the sound of rain outside, I rolled over and stared at the ceiling and I listened.
But I could only hear T breathing next to me and beyond that, the outside sounds.
And in the other room Burger snored lightly.

Today it's been raining steadily and so I headed up to check on the leaky spots to see if my roof patching skills are anything to brag about.
So far so good.
That's a relief.

Last night, I was telling T about some of my worries and she said
"You only get one and it's over in a flash."
And then she fell asleep.

That pretty much hits it all right on the head.

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