Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Right Through Myself.

So let's see, the Trick or Treat was fun.
More fun than I thought it was going to be.
I was not thinking it was going to be so fun.

There was a monster battle in a wrestling ring.
That scared T more than Burger, HA!
What a wuss!!
Just kidding, what she lacks in fear tolerance she makes up for in willingness to participate in acts of manual labor.
So she could lift a car off of me, and she should.

We all been getting along pretty well lately, so that is good to report.
It feels like I am making good decisions.
To go to the Trick or Treat was one of those decisions.
Did I tell you about that?
It was so fun!!

We got all kinds of candy and then we had pizza for dinner and ate it sitting on the sidewalk in the dark. Sometimes you have to treat yourself.
You never know if it will be your last chance!
Am I right?

Today I sat in the sunshine because it's good for you.

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