Monday, January 23, 2012

Back For The Future!!

That is a balloon up there.
I spent last Sunday batting it around with a five year old girl for the better part of two hours. I wonder how that balloon is doing.
It is probably deflated and popped and in the trash.
Which is exactly how I feel.
Not really as bad as it sounds actually.

Last night Burger had a weird accident in bed and I handled it about as poorly as I possibly could. Just once I'd like to have a nice evening that doesn't end with the two of us naked, screaming and crying in the shower.
Just once!
So, I gotta make that one up to him, gotta get my average back up if you know what I'm saying.

I cleaned up the studio a lot, and that feels good.
My finger skin, that would be the skin that covers my fingers and thumbs, that skin is dry as hell! It looks like 90 year old Me traveled back in time, switched hands with 30 something Me and then took off back for the future. It's gross and painful all at once but at least I got something to look forward to when I'm 90.

I mean besides celebrating the Green Bay Packers wrapping up their astounding 50th Championship in as many years that is.

I got up early this morning, to try and give myself a kick in the ass. T got up early as well to go sweat.
It feels good.
I am proud of myself.
So I got that going for me.

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