Thursday, January 19, 2012

Previous Pancakes.

I folded this straw wrapper into a plane and then Burger and I played with it until his pancakes arrived. It is very hard to remain in the moment, but it is such a gift when I do, I try to gift "the moment" to myself as often as possible. As long as I appreciate the moment for what it is, then there is no reason to mourn the passing of a time when all it took was a folded straw wrapper and some pancakes.

A trick I taught myself is to talk to Burger about what we are doing so that he might pay attention to some of the little details of the day, and remind him of previous days.
Previous pancakes.
Connecting the past and the present.
As if he isn't basically doing that always anyhow.
But when I point out the specifics, then it is a shared specific that is special to the time and the person that he shares it with.
And then he can help me remember the moments we shared thus keeping the memory alive which in turn helps keep me in the moment.
And in the moment, everything is wonderful.

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