Friday, February 10, 2012

As Long As The Grass Shall Grow.

Today I got a break from the constant demands and responsibilities put upon me by the Burger and had an actual day to myself in which I did a bunch of shit, and I mean a bunch of shit.
It is actually all kind of a blur on account of the natural high one gets from not having your name shouted at you every fifteen seconds but I know I did some things.
Things like stretching out my body and limbs.
And then I did pushups which I do anyways, but it felt extra special today.
And then I ran!
I ran around a park and then up a mountain!!
What constitutes a mountain in the middle of Brooklyn anyway.
I also threw a football with a friend and that has been something that I been doing recently regardless of my "fatherly" duties, but still it was like icing on a cake for some reason.

Later I got really bummed about being Indian, which is not your problem, but something that bubbles up every once in a while and is something that I try and deal with in a civilized and un-indian way.
It is a hard thing to do.
It is like stepping back through time and looking through the world with different eyes.
It changes everything.
But that is just how it is, you know?

Tomorrow I will be making some egg and cheese bagels for anyone that is interested.

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