Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ritualistic Trippin'

Don't even WOOORY about the darkness, turn on the light and the darkness recedes.

The same goes with time and all that.
I don't worry about it because at any given moment things can go from bad to worse and you'll be sitting there wishing for bad to come back because now that seems great compared to this pile of worms that just blew up in your face. I was sitting in the yard, watching Burger work on some stuff and T was there also and I was thinking that if a meteor wiped us all away in an instant, that would be just fine with me because in the moment I am happy.
It's when I think about the future and the past that I start to hyperventilate.

I honestly was thinking that.
To relax.

Then later we went to the park by the water and I saw this 12 year old girl with more style on her 2 feet than I got in my whole wardrobe and I decided to get Burger started early on his style points so we got some tats and then some fries and beers and let the darkness seep in around us very gently and serene like.

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