Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Pace of Life.

If I were able to stay in this garage for all winter, I would be fine with that.

I used to say about leaving NY that it was like this huge sponge that everyone had put themselves into and made a space for themselves and if they leave, their space kind of fills up with someone else.
It was for this very reason that I was weary of leaving in the first place but the allure of WI Summer was too much and in the end I regret nothing.

Oh but how the slap of reality stings when you must step back into line and take care of business, leaving your summer mistress for who knows how long?

But you know, that is no way to live.
I don't want to worry about my life.
I don't want to worry.

When we were in Portland we were just being present minded because we all knew that we had to really embrace the gift of life while we were there. And we also didn't have Burger with us, so it was this very strange attempt to "scout it out" and pretend we were looking at it through his huge, brown eyes.
We did the same thing in California.

I guess the only real test is Road Trip 2013.

At some point you have nowhere to go but up.

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