Monday, September 17, 2012

Pay Attention And Don't Be Lazy.

This is my mantra: Pay attention and don't be lazy.
You can use it as well, it is available to you for  nominal fee that we can discuss after we've both had a few beers, or whatever it is the kids are calling it these days.
Who even knows? 
Who even cares!?
What the kids think is not part of my mantra.

In high school, and for a few years after high school I was fascinated with the Special Forces.
Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Marine Force Recon...
All that jazz.
You know what they all seemed to have in common?
I liked that.
It really doesn't need to go any further than that.
I mean, sure I could have joined up and put myself to the test.

Or I could have just stayed in my punk band and developed this mantra and ridden out the angst and terror I was feeling at the time without uprooting and destroying so much of what was precious to me.
But what the fuck did I know? 
I was only 20.

But it is still a lingering sting.

Another mantra, a more recent one is: Burn it all down and start it over.

This works in conjunction with the previous mantra, but it is only really applicable every five years or so. If you use this mantra on a daily basis then you are not adhering to the first mantra, you are in fact being lazy.
SO don't do that.

And the world spins and the wine spills over and in the distance you can hear Talking Heads.
And above it all a four year old snores.

This is the life that chose me.

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