Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Mental Crockpot

Everything is supposed to be easier. I mean, that is supposed to be the goal, right? 
Shaving seconds off of your time.
Controlling things with your mind.
Having all of your screens connected and at the ready.
Everyone going to sleep with a smile on their faces, ready for the next day.
Because even if tomorrow sucks, it will suck with efficiency and ease.
That should be the goal.
To make each sucky day easier to tolerate until you just stop noticing the suck.
Someone should make an app for that.
Then they should give me a small percentage of the profits.

But don't go thinking I threw in the towel.
I got some ideas cooking on the old mental stove.
A couple of low burners keeping things warm.

The new studio is coming along nicely.
If you're into that kind of thing.
It is 96 stairs up, on the 6th floor.
I carry my bike up those stairs.
It is 8 minutes away by bike, and that is when I take my time and I even have to cross a bridge.
I get to see the Van Owners Truck some mornings.
There is a deli nearby to purchase candy bars.
The view from the roof is a perfect spot to take in and appreciate humankind's drive and ingenuity.
So that's pretty inspiring.

Every day is a new day and all that.

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