Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where am I and how did I get here!?

Seen above in a rare instance of togetherness.

Dudes! can you hear me screaming to you from the top of my mountain? I am back, WE are back. 
Back from the Wisconsin Summer of Love 2.0.
Returned to Brooklyn, infamous birthplace of the Burger and the setting for most of our hilarious adventures that you have no doubt read and committed to memory over the past years.
No longer in the seclusion of the back roads of Bushwick, we have come full circle and planted ourselves in Green Point, land of nearby parks and cafes, restaurants and more cafes, boutiques and other cafes that no one wants to go to because they already passed like, 5 cafes on their way to pay what you want yoga.
This is it, the final countdown! One more year of school for T, can she do it!? Only time will tell (note from the future, yes, she did it) 
And Burger! Don't count him out for the count just yet. 
Sure he has a bit of a sniffle right now, but who doesn't? He is from hearty stock that one and he packs more of a whallop since last you met. So be careful!!
As for me, I have been a whirlwind of emotion that is far too deep for you to possibly fathom right now during your lunch time beer, so I will save it for another day. But don't worry, I have found an even more desolate area for a studio and that can only mean good things are to come.
I hope that you forgive my absence over the summer, I was busy having a blast and kicking ass.

Talk soon, and if you are on instagram, look for me there. 


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