Sunday, October 07, 2012

A place in one's head.

I got a bunch more stuff to do now.
Jim said "You're a hero, You are strong."
I said thanks.
Then I started to cry really hard.

Lines and splotches, coming together in a harmony of color.
Such is life my friend.

A week ago my life had a dirty rug pulled out from under it.
But my life is nimble, and Jim is right, but it still is a hard pill to swallow.
Right when you think that you see a finish line ahead it turns out to be a
mile marker instead.

You know what though?
My life is so sneaky because guess what's under that dirty rug?
A cleaner, thicker, more durable rug.

Wait, who puts a dirty rug on top of a clean rug?
Well, I guess maybe it didn't seem so dirty at first.
My mistake.

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