Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Home Field Advantage.


I had a solid night's sleep, over 7 hours!!
The first time that has happened in what feels like forever.
Weeks, Months and Years.

I could have slept another ten hours.
It's the hibernation creeping in.
It's no good when there's little ones around.
They don't care about proper/excessive amounts of sleep.
They just go, go go.

Mine does anyways.

There's been a thick grey cover each morning, then in the afternoon it gets sunny.
I have the feeling of stepping back years in my life.
It is such a familiar cycle.
I think this is what people mean about things never changing.
But, what is supposed to change?
And who wants it to?

There is something special about the place that you came from.
Whether you loved it or hated it

Appreciation for the familiar is hard to muster I guess.

I understand.

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