Friday, November 16, 2012

Last Day in LIC.

I spent the day picking up around the space.
Getting ready for a bit of an absence.
But I still got a lot of painting in, because that is what the space is for.
So, you know, gotta use it.
Took some choice pics.

I painted an old helmet to look new for Burger.
Guess how excited he was to see that shit?
SOOO Excited.

Did I tell you how I found a Pull Up Bar in the garbage?
Or rather, leaning against a garbage can.
Right outside!!
Ask and the Universe shall provide.
So, I can do 10 in a row, and I can do about 8 Chin Ups.
There is quite a difference.
Perfect timing also, because it is getting dark and cold.
So the evening walks to the park are going to be limited.
Or maybe they won't, who knows?
I'm a squirrelly one like that.
You never know.

Anyways, I knolled everything successfully, shut off the lights and locked the door.
That is where I left it, and that is how it will stay until my return.

I hope that everyone is well.
I love you all.

Especially you.


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