Monday, December 03, 2012

Customer Sevice.

Me and my Pals.
Today we went to meet a friend and walk to the park.
After we met up, and as we were walking down the street 
I watched a woman and two small children almost get killed.
They almost got mowed down by a large dump truck.
The truck slammed on it's brakes, the people screamed.
I don't know that I screamed a scream.
I was just like "WHOAH!!"
I guess that is what I screamed.

For everyone that saw these three people almost die, 
there seemed to be instant rage at the woman for taking such a risk.
But people do this kind of thing all the time.
Take a risk, cross without looking.
We weren't really mad at her and the kids though.
We were all so thankful that they didn't die, because they most certainly would have.
I was so grateful that I didn't see that mess.
That Burger didn't see that mess.

I told him what almost happened.
He asked.
So I told him and he said "well they would've died"
He gets it.

I felt like I was going to cry and barf at the same time.
I wanted to go pick up the children and hug them.
Could they have any idea how close they came to death?

Do any of us?

And then we all just went on with our lives.
Because that's what you're supposed to do.

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