Sunday, December 02, 2012

Tenth Ave Freeze Out.

You know how sometimes you are just sitting around in your underwear and a song comes on the radio and you're all like "OH SHIT!!!" And the next thing you know you are dancing with a bowl of rice and a glass of wine and everything in the whole world makes sense because all you really care about at that moment is how awesome the song on the radio is?
I love when that happens.

There is no thermostat in the Boat and it is on the 3rd floor, so heat rises and it ends up making the Boat pretty warm. So the default uniform is underpants. Trust me on this. Come visit. Watch how quickly you start to sweat. And then look me in the eyes and note how comfortable I look. Now look down and note that it is because I am in my underpants. That is the key.

Anyways, whatever. I don't need to justify myself in my own Boat.

From here on out, the apartment shall now be referred to as the Boat.
Just a FYI.
This is on account of it's size and tendency to rock back and forth in high wind situations.
Moving on...

Today I helped a friend move into a new apartment.
That is what friends with mini vans do.
True friends anyways.
But it does help if there is a mini van involved, but more importantly than that is the ability to efficiently pack a space with boxes, chairs and furniture.
I can do that in my sleep.
I have done that in my sleep.

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