Monday, February 04, 2013

Long Time.

Hey guys, sorry for the absence...
I was busy getting older.
I had a Birthday.

You're welcome.

Dude, my dudes!!
In a quick, from the hip style list, here are the things that have happened
in no particular order.

-The Super Bowl happened and I almost missed it because I was busy.
-I got older, see above.
-I received a chocolate cake with candles... For getting older.
-I built a desk, shelves and a fridge cozy.
-I fell in love with my job.
-I roasted a chicken, my first, and it was DELICIOUS.

Mainly I am happy for starting a new year, finishing the first month and feeling as if I am born anew.
So sue me.

I'm chugging along.
And I am happy.

I hope y'all are as well.

love you.

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