Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Universal Sound Of Crashing To The Floor.

You know how sometimes you start to think about things and you stop breathing?
Like you are so deep in thought, mulling something over and over and you are starting to kind of 
sweat and grind your teeth and worry and then you realize that you have been holding your breath 
for what seems like forever and when you realize this you gasp a big ass
lungfull of air like your life depends on it because it sort of does...
Do you know what I mean?

Today was like that every other hour it seemed.

Here I am, starting over.
The new guy.
Same as the old guy.

New job, new friends, new direction, new lease.
The raft crashed and I had to grab what I could and set off on foot.

There are many things I have to take care of for the long term to work out.
But then, what does that even mean "work out"?
No one knows what that means.
It's all speculation.

Taking care of business in the short term is my foundation for building a future in which I 
can have a long term.

But in the mean time, here I am.
What can I do?

-Organize my paints.
-Research meals for two.
-Take extra hours at work whenever I can.
-Develop my online Yahtzee strategy.
-Laugh with my Son.
-Laugh with my Friends.

Those are just a few ideas I guess.

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