Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Human Behaviour.

Today I told Burger I would give him a quarter for every piece of trash he could pick up in the yard at the coffee shop where we were doing "homework".
Final tally was 27 pieces of trash.
$6.75 is a small price to pay for a cleaner space.
What can I say?
I believe children are the future.
Plus it gave him something to do!

Then I came home and talked with my good friend Jim.
He is the one that I mentioned here.
Well, it's not even been a year and there is plenty of good news.
At least it sounds like that.
I mean, the surgery was a success.
Then I almost did him in with a joke I told about Hitler and Heaven.
What can I say, he gets me.

Also gluten.
Gluten is just as bad as my joke now.
No gluten for Jim.


Later Burger and I were eating Krispie treats in the shower.
I told him about Jim, and what had happened and why I was laughing.
-Jim is my very good, best friend.
-Jim got sick and had to have surgery.
-Jim makes me laugh.

Did I tell you that Burger had to have surgery recently?
He had a hernia, and it had to get fixed.
And now it is fixed.

It made me think of Mr. S and what he must be going through.
That is Jim's dad, and he had to go all the way from Wisconsin to Portland to hold Jim's hand and hug him and probably pick him up and carry him around because Jim was sick and probably scared and that is what a Dad does for his Son, probably. I mean, I am relatively new to being a Dad compared to Mr. S, but I feel pretty confident in that statement.

I hope I never have to test it.

But that isn't something I control.

I saw a baby today at a cafe.
I wonder if Mr. S would get the same feeling looking at
Burger that I got from looking at this stranger's baby?

I guess I will have to introduce them.

It has been an eventful couple of months.
I can say that much.

And from where I am right now, being able to look back a ways
I can confidently say I am not worried, frightened or nervous.

The things that happen can give one a thirst for more.

That's life, bro.


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