Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Rock of Wisdom.


I need to cut some hairs.
They're raising eyebrows.
Drawing too much attention to the line I'm trying to skirt.

Also on the agenda is the acquisition of some short pants.
Preferably in colors besides black and/or olive drab.

These are surface things though.
They aren't solutions.
They are distractions, really.

If you could be the lone soul atop a mountain. would that suit you?
If you only had the still water of a pond to meditate on...
Rice in a bowl...
A fire to warm you.

To rest in a field of tall grass.
To watch the sky for rain.
To feel the breeze on your skin.

Doesn't that all sound nice?
That is what I dream of.
But it is selfish.

Still, it is the carrot I chase.


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