Monday, December 02, 2013


I'm in Mexico, but I haven't yet grasped the language, so I'm still not clear on the basics, so, hi!
(Or however one greets one down here)
How are things going with you?
You ever eat molé?
I believe it translates into "chocolate gravy"?
Holy S! That stuff is amazing.
I'll have it on all my future meals, thanks.
The other things to note thus far are:
-Iguanas! They love them some ruins.
-Ruins! What a nice place to set some iguanas.
-Beaches! Yep, lots of those where I'm at.
-Molé! See above, and keep it coming.
-Mayans! What's up with those guys?!

Sure were short, those Mayans. 
I learned that at the ruins. 

Also if you are ever swimming near coral, don't touch it!
The same goes for sea turtles.

And if you are looking to buy a poncho?
Save you some pesos. 

Otherwise, I drank some beers right on the beach, just like in those commercials you like so much, and I nearly ate my weight in tacos. 

I went swimming, a lot.
In the ocean, in the collapsed caves, basically wherever and whenever I could.
And if I ran into a stingray or a cave fish that wanted to chew on my nipple hairs, so be it!
I am on vacation!!

I hope all is well, I'll see you soon.

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