Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Scene.

I am laying down.
Eyes closed.
Breathing in.
Breathing out.

Relaxing and quiet.



-Dad, what are you doing? Dad?

mnnn, I'm resting.

-How long will you be resting Dad? I hope not more than one minute because I need someone to play with me.

At this point he has moved from the floor to my side so everything else he says is directly into my ears.

Pal, I am just resting for 5 minutes okay? Can you play quietly to help me rest?

-Oh Man! Five minutes is almost a hundred minutes!!!

He says this as if it is causing him real pain and anguish.
But for the next few minutes he is as quiet as he can be, which is still pretty loud.

-Dad? are you done resting yet?

Am I still laying down?


Well then, I guess I am not done yet.

-Dad? (at this point he starts to mush my face around with his grubby mitts.) Dad? Dad.... Dad.

Yes Son?

-Are you going to get up soon?

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  1. This amusing exchange reminds me of the game my dad invented when his grandchildren wanted to play and he needed a nap. He invented the game "Sick and Tired." The game consisted of him laying on the couch being "sick and tired" while the grandchild had to "take car of him." That could be making sure he had a blanket. Maybe they could read a book to him or tell him stories while he rested. And we all in turn would use it on our kids at home! Ask Caitlin how she liked "Sick and Tired!"

    Thanks for sharing!


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