Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Waiting Tool.

I have a new window to look out of.
It is a new view and it is not a bad one.
Cars go by, turning the white snow grey.
Smoke and steam billow out from chimneys
and an occasional crane boom works silently in the 
far away distance.

The buildings go up so quickly, 
you hardly have time to realize
 you are being walled in. 
The skyline is stolen and sold off to 
people that I can only imagine are hardly even 
home long enough to appreciate what they have before 
they head back to their jobs that 
afforded them what they miss on a daily basis.

I still have what I have, while I have it.
That is always true, no matter what.
And today it is grey and drizzling anyway.
I'm not missing anything spectacular.
It is not that cold, but soon everything will
be covered in ice and for a little while
everything will be captured under a 
fresh, shiny coat of pure perfection.
If only for an instant.

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