Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blown plug

You get a feeling in your bones. Well, one does, or maybe one doesn't in which case one gets a feeling, somewhere, somehow.
The feeling can be sharp pain from kicking the bed stumbling around at four in the morning, trying to find the your way back into a little sliver of sleep while the rest of the world snores. 
The feeling can be the cold shock of putting a foot into a puddle where there should be no puddle. 
The feeling can be a sadness while you read, and re-read your best friends most recent text, trying to make sense of whatever it is they are trying to say. 
These are just feelings. 
I thought we'd talk about them. 

How about this?
You ever are walking and it is raining and lightning and thunder storming and drenching you from all sides and you think about what happens if you get struck by lightning and what that would do to the rain soaked snicker bar you are trying to inhale on your way to the train?
Does it melt?
Does it shoot out of your mouth like a slimy missile?
Does it somehow, miraculously act as a ground, insulating your mouth while the lightning dances all over your skin while never actually touching you?
You ever think about the tiny cut that might do you in?
The one you got from kicking the bed? The one that could easily become infected and lead to a life saving amputation?
I mean, stranger things happen all the time. 
Like how that snicker bar saved my life one time. 

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