Saturday, December 06, 2014

The Noble Pursuit.

There is a trick, but it comes with a rub.
They are one in the same, and here it (they) is (are)...

You don't matter.
Only they matter, everything else is nothing.
Only they are what you are here for.
That is the rub.

The trick is if you can accept that, then you have a pretty great life ahead of you.
But letting go of your ego, putting them before all, every single thing, that is the trick.

They didn't ask for this life.
They don't need to know about your dreams and aspirations.
They don't need your baggage.
(Unless it is nice baggage, made of leather and properly oiled, then they might need that some day)
All they need is people to take care of them.
It is up to you to figure out the best way to do that 
within your own personal and societal capacity.

That's all it takes.

You laugh at their jokes.
You kiss their noses.
You rock them to sleep while they slap at your face.

That knot in your shoulders from carrying them in the rain?
That is a badge of honor you live with proudly.
Those lost hours of personal time you could have spent writing your novel?
You get those back once you've successfully seen them off to India
where they can figure things out for themselves!
Thanks India! I'll be on the beach crisping myself under the remnants
of whatever is left of the ozone layer.

You dedicate yourself to this life. 
It's the only way. 

End of story.

I love you guys.

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