Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I wake up sore.
It comes with the territory, I mean, when you move things around a lot
for a job, you kind of need to expect to be a bit sore. If you woke up and you weren't sore, then you were doing it wrong, or you were the lazy dude that was just looking on his phone while the rest of the guys break their backs on the icy steps. 


The days all bleed together at this point. 
Nothing new, but something I have touched on before.

I had a Birthday again this year.

I taught Burger how to play checkers, so that is something we do.
He isn't always into it, but I like to teach him things.

There aren't just the rules of the game, but the strategy of the game along with paying attention to the game and making sure that you understand that it is just about having fun and sharing some time together and conversing while you are playing and laughing once in a while before bed.

Sometimes when he makes his move I say 
"Are you sure?" and he goes "Wait!... Hmmmm..." 
as he looks around the board to see if he is missing 

I just like the sound of him going "Hmmmm"

Also he focuses on one piece at a time, so I am working with him on looking at 
the whole board because usually he has one checker in the shit and the
rest of his checkers are just hanging out looking on their phones.


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