Friday, February 27, 2015

The Magic In Me.

Look at those tiny teeth!
Have you ever seen such perfect nose holes?
What a perfect day.

The hardest thing about being a parent
 something that no one really warns you about
is the terrifying amount of love you can feel in an instant
out of nowhere, throughout your entire being.

The other day we were at the dinner table and Burger says 
"I had the best day ever today"

He got onstage during the after lunch dance party 
and danced with the instructor, in front of the rest of the classes.
He said he was scared at first to do it, but he wanted to do it
and so he just did it and it was easier than he thought
and then he was having fun and wasn't scared anymore
because it was SO FUN!

I couldn't really say anything after this because 
I felt like if I opened my mouth I would just start crying
and that would send the wrong message.

The love I felt for Burger as he was telling us 
about his day was so strong, it was so heavy, I felt like I was
trapped under it and wouldn't be able to get up from
the floor.

It isn't something they tell you about.
And it can be really scary.
Once you let that love into your life
it becomes very difficult to imagine a world
without it.

I often spend my daydreaming time trying 
to remember what it was like before I was a father.
I can't do it.

Being a Dad is so much of who I am
I can't remember seeing life 
through any other lens.


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