Friday, July 28, 2006

a blue time. a time for the blues.

how is it so hard to communicate with people?
not always, but sometimes?
it feels like the best feeling in the world when you feel like you are in the righ tplace at the right time to get along with someone. but then it is so sad when you drift out of touch with that person.
anyways, milwaukee is doing fine without me i guess. i like it here, but ther ain't no place to just go jump in the water, and there is traffic everywhere you go, and there are people bustling about and they don't even look at you in the face.
this is still my favorite city, and if i were to live in a city again, i would like it to be this one.
i feel like i am being pushed out of thiis place though.
if you ever find out that i disappeared into the woods and was never heard from agaiin, don't be surprised.
don't worry about me, i will be fine, i am an excellent fire starter. and i could probably catcha fish if i had to.
i get along with chloe the dog and i like to think that this general acceptence on her part would transend to alll creatures. perhaps one day, when you can even get wireless internet in the woods you will find a post of me with all of my buddies that i made in the woods.
or else you will find a piicture of my remains posted by all of the creatures that i thought were my buddies.
either way i could really care less.
be good guys. lovematthew

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