Sunday, July 30, 2006

montreal to tokyo.

i have never been to either of those places.
that makes me sad in a lot more ways than i actually thought it did.
guys, i just want to talk about the band rancid. do you know the music that you think of when you think of your fondest memories? you know how even the bad music that you hated at the time makes you kind of smile sometimes when you hear it at the gas station or in the doctors office? but you knwo how some music just really makes you stop doing whatever you are doing and you suddenly have to sort through all of the memories that are flooding through your head? how there are certain bands that you think of as "your" band? like you know that everyone has the right to like them, but you know that they can't possibly like them the way that only you do? isn't that awesome!? you are the only person that can appreciate that song, or that band or that album, you are the only one that can like it the exact way that you do. what could possibly feel better than having a song float out of a speaker and completely make you smile and reflect?
i am not ashamed to say that i like the band rancid. i don't care. i can even say that if i were to tell a band that i "loved" their music, i would tell rancid.
ready? here are the top three bands that i would tell that i love them: rancid, rage against the machine and radiohead.
all start with "ra" there is nothing more to that, but i just find it interesting.
but how could i ever not enjoy that music? i listened to rancid since i was in highschool, and all i had to do was go to my awesome highschool walden III in racine wisconsin, ride my skateboard around, wash dishes at the hospital and think about girls. and so many tiimes the musicc that was playing was rancid. i can tell you the first time i ever heard them right where i was. i was in the car with amber schauss and nathan wells and we were at the intersection of 21st st and arlington ave. it was on the radio. it wass "roots radicals" on one of those shows where they play two new songs and you have to call in and yell why you think one rules and one sucks.
one of my best friends in my life is my friend because we both liked rancid. we went to see them in chicago and we rear ended a jeep of stoners on the highway. and we still went to the show.
me and jim and justin listened to life won't wait all summer andd road long boards and played video games at my apartment in racine. we called it the Pad 2000. me andd justin were counting down the days to the release of that record.
this is so fun remembering this stuff. guys, can we always talk about music? i love doing that. it is my favorite thing to do. it is like playiing in a time machine.
well, i just wanted to clarify that i am proud to be a fan of rancid.
that's all.

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