Tuesday, August 01, 2006

early to finish.

alright! so i finally can show you my foot. are you amazed? are you jealous? are you as numb to the sight of me in the hospital as Truen?
well, after two missed weeks of work and hobbling around, i am back in full effect! i still hobble a little, and i can't really run or anything, but i can go swimming again finally! isn't that great? i can also even wash my foot finally! imagine trying to wassh a stick of soft butter, that is what it was like to wash my foot after nearly three weeks of neglect.
well, i am going to go now and work on my website.
i always say that to myslef, "right. i am going to really work on my website right now!" but then i don't, and where does it get me? nowhere.
be good guys. lovemattehw

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  1. butter! holy sick! that is really too descriptive for my stomach to handle :) you so funny.


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