Wednesday, August 02, 2006

stuff french toast.

last night it was raining so hard! there was lightning cracking right above my head, andd you could smell the ozone. i noticed the floor of the tent was slightly damp this morning, i wonder if it was meant to be lived in? or if it was only meant for small trips? i guess the creators of the tent made the tent so that you could set up basse camp at the bottom of mountaineering expeditions and things like that, and those trips probably can take a while, so i don't see how it could be bad for the tent to be out like this in the elements. maybe i need to get a tent to put my tent in?
guess what i am drinking?
that was a game that my grandpa used to play with me when i was little.
seriously, i am drinking cranberry tea! it smells really good, but i don't think that it tastes like what it smells like. i thiink that is the main thing with tea for me, i don't like that it always smells so much better than it tastes.
well, i hope that you are well, if there is anything i can do to help, let me know.
life for example i fixed the faucet in my mom's shower so that it gets full water pressure. talk about handy!
be good guys. lvoematthew

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