Wednesday, August 02, 2006

my friend sarah.

my friend sarah is visiting from madison and trying to help me change the background images on this blog. it is not that hard once i know what i am looking for in the code, but it is definately intimidating.
what do you think about satelite radio? i don't know what it would be like to have it at my house, but i will tell you that it has succeeded in allowing me to hear the same music in almost every restaurant i go into.
my mom just won a subscription to a satelite radio system and i think that is great, i think that she would enjoy having it, but she gets very nervous about using technology. once she gets the hang of something she really enjoys it. but getting used to something new like that, well like i said about how intimidating computer code is, well, i suppose that that is how my mom feels about technology. that and also that it is the work of the devil.
the thing is though that i was talking to sarah about it and how in elementary school we had one computer. all i ever did with that computer is look at pixelated green pornography. i also played oregon trail. that was pretty sweet.
but by the time that my brother was in that same grade, ten years later, they had a huge computer lab and he wass typing away and never thought twice about it.
i read an article about how "experts" are worrying about how things like online gaming and myspace are changing the ways that kids interact with eachother in a bad way. they have no patience, they have no attention span, they have stunted social skills. they have no tolerance for things that don't allow them to customize the final outcome. so, wee have that to look forward to in the future. great.
i think that i born at a good time because i grew up with computers being a real thing, but not something that was widely used in every day situations. so i am not dependant on them. at least i don't think i am. i appreciate them, but i don't need to use them daily. not yet anyways.
i like technology, i like seeing where things are headed in entertainment with technology. but it scares me also. i don't like where a lot of technology iis taking us.
i am going to try and work on this background issue.
be good. lovemattehw

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