Friday, August 04, 2006


did you kknow that i work at a breakfast burrito stand?
i totally do. it is called good eggs. it is in ephraim. ephraim is in door ccounty.
so i got to go back to work now that the stitches are out and for the most part i have an alright foot again. and today wass my third day back. this isn't going anywhere specific, but i am waiting for truen to get done cleaning toilets so that i can give her a ride home, and i am "passing the time" until i see her.
because this is such a small town news and gossip travel quickly and so here is the big news, although it is tragic, and i am just telling you what happened.
this man that lives up here, and everyone knows him, he crashed his motorcycle into a car and is on life support in green bay. i only talked with him once or twice, he was one of those adults that kind of made you feel like you were in high school again and he wass the cool older kid that you were lucky to be talking to. he was nice, but i just always felt like i wasn't cool enough. which i am not.
anywyas, so now he is alive by the miracle of machines, and i wonder why? accidents happen every day, i am more aware of this now than ever before, but still, i can't help but wonder why these things happen? i suppose there is no reason, and my job is not to question. my job is only to make vegetables smaller and more easy to eat in a burrito. a breakfast burrito. s
just for the record, if i am ever in a car crash or some accident that leaves me iin a coma or something, please do not resuscitate. allow do not interfere with nature on this alright? i would be much happier to die than to hae machines doing everything for me.
well, i am goig to go now, i hope everyone is well, i am cross posting this into my blog also. by the way, i don't like the word blog.
be good guys. lvoematthew

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