Tuesday, July 25, 2006

man handled!

well i HAVE photos, i just can't upload them right now.
it is something with the connection. so let me describe it.
it felt great! to take the bandage off and have some fresh air on my foot, it was sweet!
there is still a big piece of tape over the incision, so i didn't get to see the stitches, i have to wait until next week.
so, that is one more week that i am supposed to not work.
dang man, ANY other time of the year and i would be doiing some sort of acrobatic maneuver allowed by my gimpy foot, but not now man! i need to work! that is the whole point of summer. but i suppose what is one paycheck? i can miss one paycheck right? of course i can.
the important thing to do now is to try and find someone to pin this accident on and sue them.
well, be good, i am goinng to go now.

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