Sunday, July 23, 2006

my stitches itches!

dude, it is difficult trying to get comfortable enough to sleep with this stupid boot on. i don't like.
and now it is starting to regain feeling in my foot. i guess they really pumped it full of numbing medicine. so it throbs. IT THROBS!!! last night truen and i went with elizibeth to evan's house. it was fun! why weren't you there!? we watched this movie called rumor has it. it was not that great, but it was sort of depressing because i couldn't concentrate on anything but how unattractive all of the people in the movie were. i know that sounds shallow, but it isn't supposed to be. what i mean is that what makes the people in that movie special? they don't look that great, and they weren't that great of actors. so what are they doing there? kevin costner looks super old. jennifer aniston has a face like a lion. mark ruffalo... who?
i guess i was just surprised by how un hollywood these people seemed in the movie, and i wonder what seperated them from the rest of us animals.
back to work!

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