Saturday, July 22, 2006

yeah, those are different.

truen just invented a new way of knitting. at least, it is new to me and truen.
something about staring at a computer screen for a couple of hours is hurting my eyes and the ack of my brain.
last night i was adjusting the pillows beneath my leg and i moved my foot and i felt the tendon for the first time in a week. it wass startling, and i got worried that i ruined my stitches. i am sure i didn't, but you know how i can worry.
dude, like i even care about my toe! i mean, if i could not move it again, i wouldn't care, i just want to be able to put on some regular shoes and not limp around. i just hope that the tendon is fine, and that i can go back to work soon. in the mean time i posted a bunch of things for sale on mywebite, prints and cards and things. it is through cafe press. i don't know if it is cheating, but i have to keep busy and it seemed like as good of an idea as any other one right? then i tried to make the links work on the blog, but it didn't seem to take, perhaps it iis just the internet connection.
so i hope you are well, i am doing fine by most accounts, whatever that means.

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  1. Matt! I didn't know you had a BLOG here, I mean I've been to your art page countless times... how did I not see the word BLOG?! So I have some catching up to do. Just as well... I needed some reading material. I am keeping your tendon in my thoughts. Which sounds strange, but I know you and you know me, and we know how we roll.



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