Monday, July 17, 2006

the solution for polution is dilution.

did i even spell dilution right? i wonder? dillution? that looks like too many "l's" anyways, guess what? I have an appontment to go get my tendon looked at on Friday. SWEET! I only have to wait four more days! hopefully by then the wound will be healed up and I can look forward to having the doctor say, "well, now that you are hear, why don't you come back in a week and I can cut open your foot again and let the healing process start all over again." i am actually jsut thankful that i get to get it looked at.
dang dude.
let's see, on the plus side, i will go back to work on thursday, if only just to not fall out of the groove.
also i updated truen's website, i think it is getting closer and closer to coherency with each revision. let's see how this one works.
also, i have a different blog on myspace, is it even worth iit? who knows?
i am going to go home to draw. lovematthew

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