Sunday, July 16, 2006

drop toe.

hey guess what i did? i dropped a knife on my foot and severed the flexor tendon above my big toe. I now have what will forever be known as "drop toe". I like the sound of it actually, and the doctor just made it up right there on the spot. So, now if it ever happens to you, or you hear someone saying "this looks like a classic case of drop toe" you can say, "hey! I know the original drop toe!"
it wass not really painful like I thought something like that would be. It happened really fast, it was so quick that when I was staring down into the inner workings of my right foot, everything in there was still blue and purple. It hardly blead at all. I have three stitches iin there riight now, but I have to go back to get the tendon stitched together again. I only had Truen's camera, so until I get the film developed, I don't have any pictures of it. I will post them when I can.
I am off of work for a couple of days.
I feel like I am a lightning rod for accidents and illness, but so far only minor things, which I am thankful for.
This is all one biig coping mechanism.
I am actually really sad about the whole thing.

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