Saturday, July 15, 2006

tubey arms.

dude, it is my day off! and i am working on my day off! making sandwiches on my day off!
truen and i are trying to figure out what we are doing in the fall.
she says travel, i say... travel also.
but it is hard to picture myself having the money to do that, because i think, i don't know for sure but i think, i think that traveling will take a lot of money and how will we get back to our home if we have used all of our money to get to where we went? i just don't know.
who knows?
anyways, i got to thinking about how i have to do some things different. i mean in order to have the things that i would like to have. maybe a baby sometime. or a at the very least, a puppy. or some property to hang out on where i can wear as little clothing as i want to. or as much clothing, if it is wisconsin winter. i think there are plenty of good ways to get to those points in my life, but i don't know how much of that requires a completely diifferent direction than the one i am on.
that shit is tiring and boring to think about.
instead i will prepare myself to go make some food for tourists.

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