Tuesday, July 18, 2006

something else i thought of.

i do this thing where i want something very badly and i obsess over it constantly. it can last a couple of days, it can last a couple of hours, it can be that i want a sandwich, it can be that i want a mini wiener dog, it can be anything really. recently it has been that i want a volkswagon mini bus. an old one, not the new eurovan. i found out that volswagon engines are easier to fix than other engines, and that there are manuals that break it down into very easy steps. i thought "i could probably do that." and i probably can. but i need one first. so, i wass looking online andd i found one near madison. it is three thousand dollars and the guy selling it has not gotten back to me to answer any of the questions i asked concerning the van. but the yearning is still there and i think this could be one of those rare occurances in my life where i want something badly enough that i see it through to the end. of course i don't have three thousand dollars, and if i DID, i would never be able to spend it on a mini bus. but if i were to happen upon a mini bus that i could have if i fixed it up, i am sure that i would be able to devvote myself to that bus andd make it great.
i think that it would combine a lot of my yearnings and interests and wants. it would be like adopting a child or puppy that was also a robot and/or E.T. that needed my limited knowledge of engines and automobiles to fix it so that it could return to it's home planet. i think i smell a hit movie in the works. someone should tell steven spielberg to scrap that bogus "Lincoln" movie and get to work on this cash machine. it would be easy enough for him, he could even keep liam neeson to star as the voice of the robot/puppy/E.T.
then after the dust has settled from the whirlwind success of my idea, i could use the money to buy a mini bus. i could even pay someone to make into my dream machine.

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  1. I am going to take a picture of the crazy mini bus for sale on my way to Hyacinth's preschool. It's like the sides were cut off and they put these saftey bars on, I think the back is open also. It's not all like Frankenstein looking, someone took some time. It's green... if it is still there, I promise pictures. I love taking them, so I feel confident in giving you my word.



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