Wednesday, July 19, 2006


are you as excited about the new nintendo system as i am? i doubt it.
alright, it is possible you are as excited as i am, but my excitement counts more since you probably have all of your tendons connected in their proper positions.
i went swimming this morning, or actually i went bobbing. i kind of just climbed down the ladder and bobbed in the water for a minute. it felt good, and since i got some special bandaids to keep water out, i figured i might as well enjoy a dip before i got to get my cast on.
i will post pictures later.
hey guys, let's all try to work on our manners when we order the food or drink that someone else is making for you.
you are not entitled to have whatever you want. you should be thankful that you have a choice to make in the first place. let's all try to remmber to say please and thank you. let's all try to leave our attitudes and cell phones in the car, or on the street. let's use actual universally accepted sizes like "large" or "small", grande? what the hell is that? venti? F that to the highest! let's all remember that you are basically asking someone to prepare you something to eat or drink, this person is a human being and doesn't HAVE to do anything for you.
right? i mean, am i right? am i on to something? what are you going to do? when it comes down to it, you are asking someone to do something that you can't do for yourself at that very moment, so show some appreciation to that person because otherwise you would have to go without and how would THAT make you feel?
i thought so.

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