Friday, July 21, 2006

a ten hour drive.

this is me, about ten minutes before they started the IV. sorry, I forgot not everyone is down with the lingo, "IV" stands for "IN VEIN". i will try to dumb it down from here on out. anywyas, have you ever had an IV? they aren't even that bad, I have had more than my fair shaare of them recently. i wass sitting with truen and i am in my gown and she says "i have seen you in this outfit way too many times" and i totally agree. but i would rather it be me than her, and i would rther it be a smiling picture than the picture i found after i was knocked out but before surgery which was this one:

anyways, after they opened up my foot the tendon snapped back further than they thought it would and they had to make a larger incision and snoop around with some tweezers or something. but they got it, and they sewed it, but there are no pictures of actual surgery, sorry. well, it wass alright, all in all it was more painful when i sprained my ankle 7 years ago. that hurt like a bastard.
so now i am on the couch for most of the day watching NFL network's coverage of training camp and their recaps of last year's top teams. i still think the seahawks were robbed. yeah the steelers played better in the last half, and i suppose the truly great team would not let bad officiating hold them back from a title 30 years in the making, but watching the replays, i feel that they weere robbed.
well, be good, i will talk to you later.

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  1. Dang I should have taken pictures of my husband when he was knocked out for surgery! Your wife is brilliant! I have had the pleasure of an IV numerous times... what with the baby birthing and all. My husband is also quite handy in that, if I fall ill, he can give me an IV and SNAP, feeling much better. I hate them, but you do what you gotsta do. And I concur, the Seahawks were robbed. Let's focus on one more year of Favre :)


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