Tuesday, August 08, 2006

door keys!

so i think that i succesfully posted original drawings for sale on the site. i am not positive that it will work, but we will see now won't we? i was so tired yesterday because i was the cook at the egg stand and i cooked 110 burritos! can you imagine!? i think that the stress from having that responsibility thrust upon me coupled with the heat and steam and egg residue floating in my face all day is the reason that i have mild breakouts on my face this morning. also it could be from sitting too close to the campfire last night. or iit could be my constant diet of chocolate chip cookies. any number of factors really.
i posted a photo of me and truen not getting along on the dock. isn't it priceless? don't worry, we are fine now. it was all a misunderstanding, i forgot that i am an idiot and she is a princess. stupid me.
guys, my hus is getting bummed about her website. i don't know what to do becausee i thought that this whole time that this is what she wanted to be doiing, and so imagine my confuse-ment when she says that maybe it isn't what she wanted. WHAT!? i don't like feeling like i can't help someone i care about. but this is not my deal, iit is not up to me. i just hope she fiigures it out.
moving on...
it is getting cooler, how did the sumer go by so quick? lately i have been sleeping with no blanket, but last night i had to double up my blanket to stay warm. dang!
well, i hope you are all well, i posted 12 poloroids of my summer so far on the site also, you can find them if you look hard enough.
good luck.

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