Thursday, August 10, 2006

that dog in the photo is laughing at you.

the man that crashed his motorcycle lasst week is going to be taken off of liffe support tomorrow. i didn't know him very well, but it still is a sad feeling ii get when i think about it. i have been fairly accident prone lately, within the last three years i broke my collar bone, and i severed a tendon, and i had really bad food poisoning, i hurt my knee and i crashed my bike a couple of times. each time, each accident could have been worse, and so when i think of this man dying, it just makes me sad and nervous.
i have to go slice some meat now.
you know what makes you not want to eat meat? handling meat. maybe it makews some people want to eat meat, but for me, i just look at this lump, this pressed ball of meat that in no way is natural, and i just feel sick.
so anyways, that is all. be good guys.

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