Friday, October 20, 2006

It is fun to be alive again.

You guys, things are getting better. for a while, a couple of days, I was really getting scared about my life. I was thinking that perhaps I made a big mistake by coming out here to New York. I couldn’t stop worrying, silently in my head, that things wouldn’t work out. I was thinking that I would have to go straight home, that people here… that the whole city would see right through me and kick me out. But things are good! What was I so worried about? I don’t know. This is just like Milwaukee, only way, way bigger and louder and busier. But a city is a city I think. I would like to see more trees and less people, but you make sacrifices living in cities I guess. There are certainly a lot of dogs. These people we stayed with when we first got here have a big hairy dog named Carl. I like that dog. I feel like we are cut from the same cloth as we both are trying to make the best out of being in this place.
Truen and I walk a lot every day. We walked from Brooklyn, across the Williamsburg Bridge to Manhattan, and then we walked all the way up to the middle of the city, and THEN we walked all the way back with totally full bladders! DANG!
WE stopped in front of this little red door and Truen says in this tiny voice “this is where I stayed the last time.” It was so weird, we have both been here before, but just visiting. Now when I walk around, I have this odd feeling of familiarity that I don’t understand because I didn’t ever live here. Maybe it is just that being here leaves an indelible impression on your brain? I am not really sure. It is totally a good time right now though.
I have been talking to lots of people, “networking” is what I like to call it.
I am just happy to be alive.
If only I could have witnessed the joy this city would have felt to have the Mets go to the World Series.
Well for now, that is all. We are both doing well, and we miss you guys.
I miss you guys.
I love you guys.

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