Tuesday, October 24, 2006

hot coffee!!

have you ever lived in a big city? did you hate it? i don't think that i hate this big city stuff, i mean, there are definately some nice perks. for example, there are markets on every corner that sell mangos and various other fresh fruit. well hey! that sounds nice! also, thre are plenty of different places to get coffee and extremely delicious egg and cheese bagel sammies. i like that also! there are also plenty of job posibilities, so i could be any number of things if i wanted and i would not be limited to the jobs available in a smaller town or city. well, alright, but i don't really care about that.
but you know, i would like to see some real trees. like, not these sad looking big bare trees. like the kind back home.
also, i would like some space. how about like, at least a 2 foot radius at all times. oh, and if it is possible, oculd you keep it down? i mean, you are talking kind of loud.

well, we are still in new york. i think we will be here for the winter. i don't know if this is the best idea, but it is the only thing we came up with at the last moment, and naturally, it is what we did. but that doesn't mean that i regret it. it means we have to be very resourceful and hard working with the time that hwe have here. most of the complaints i have are just me coping i suppose. it is such an overwhelming feeling to be here. but that feeling iis subsiding slowly, and i am coming to see possiblity. so, be patient and i am sure these posts will get more upbeat. i promise.

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